A place for children to explore, discover and
learn through play.

A place where families find support, caring
and communication.

A place that’s safe and where staff help
children to grow strong bodies, curious minds
and caring hearts


We have high expectations for children and strive to create a positive environment for them.

We believe in the value of age-appropriate play. When kids play they are learning to
cooperate, negotiate, learn new skills, create, make decisions,
accept responsibility and initiate activities.

We believe that all people at RASP  –  children, staff, families, volunteers  –
should be treated with respect.

We have the time to reach the “whole child” and to help them develop life skills,
friendships and a shared sense of community.

We believe that activities which really interest children help them
develop social, physical, cognitive, creative skills.

We believe that children who can make choices about how, when and
with whom to be engaged are most likely to enjoy themselves and
behave cooperatively.


Site Supervisors, Asst.
Supervisors, Counselors,
volunteers and Administrators make
up our staff. Most of RASP's Supervisors
have worked with us for many years.

Our Supervisors are the heart and
core of our program.  Each has
overall responsibility for a site, the
kids, staff and space.  Our
Supervisors are professional,
well-trained and committed to their
work.  Asst. Supervisors are able to
supervise the site in the Supervisor’s
absence.  Most of our Counselors are
college students with a career
interest in children and families who
see their work as part of their
career development.


RASP’s mission is to provide high quality
school-age care that will enhance children
and youth's social, emotional, physical and
cognitive development in a positive,
supportive environment.  

About Rockland After School Programs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.  Do you have a summer program?  
    A. Yes, we do.  It's called The Summer Spot and you can get more information by clicking above
         on The Summer Spot or by going to www.thesummerspot.org.

    Q. What happens during the school breaks?  
    A.  We have Holiday Programs
if we have sufficient enrollment. The Holiday Programs open at 8 A.M.
         and close at 6:30 P.M.  Enrollment forms will be available at the sites a couple of weeks before the holiday break.

   Q. What happens on early dismissal days?
   A. We offer Half Day Programs on most early dismissal days at an additional cost.  

   Q. Can children attend RASP even if they attend private school?
   A. Yes, they can.  As long as the child is a resident of the East Ramapo or Ramapo Central School District,
       he or she may attend RASP.  Busing arrangements for drop off at RASP must be made with the child's school.

   Q. How do I pay tuition?
   A. Tuition is paid monthly at the site your child attends or you can set up an automatic payment with your bank.

   Q. Why do I pay the same amount each month even though the number of attendance days varies from month
to                       month?
   A. The tuition is determined by the total number of days children attend school during the year divided equally
among            ten months.

   Q. Do I get my pre-paid June tuition back if I withdraw during the year?
   A. If you withdraw, your June tuition will be refunded up until March 31st of that year.  If you withdraw after April 1st
of             that year, no tuition will be refunded.

    Q. What happens if I am late picking up my child?     
    A. Late fines are charged if you are more than five minutes late.  If you are repeatedly late picking up, we try to
will                  help you find a solution, but repeated lateness may result in withdrawing your child from the program.

    Q. What happens on snow days?
    A. When school is closed, RASP is closed. If there is early dismissal, the children will be sent home since the
building             will close.  If school remains open until the usual closing time, RASP is open.